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Beauty life. Let's look fierce.

Top 3 Beauty Articles of the Week: July 12

Every week I put these articles out there from our talented authors, and every week they make it hard for me to choose which ones I want to put up as my favorites for the week. Read on below and click on the pictures to see which ones made the cut!

Here LaVanessa Kirkwood does it again with her body positivity article on stretch marks and how we should celebrate them as badges of life and beauty, not something to be ashamed of. These are marks of our body changing with us as we live our lives and not something we should see in a negative light. Read how she explains her viewpoint on it, and how you should change yours to see it too.

Here Alexandra Grindle talks about all the factors that go into what you should and shouldn’t put on your skin in this mini-series. Here she talks about what you should avoid to take care of your skin correctly and a few things about why your skin is so starved for good quality ingredients. She has quite a few useful tips in here that even the most seasoned of us could probably learn and follow.

Caitlyn Kithcart talks here about how important it is to have a good skincare routine, and she’s got a point. If you don’t have a good skincare routine down, then most likely you’re not very confident in the skin that you’re in. If you have a set skincare routine that you’re following every day then it will be a set ‘me time’ that you have to yourself, and something that you can focus on that makes you feel beautiful for you. Finding a routine that works for you though can be a challenge as not everyone wants a 7 step routine, so carefully plan what you can realistically do, and then stick to it. You’ll be happy you did.

Check out these three articles and let me know what you think! Comment on them and let them know what you think as well. While you’re at it, check out our newsletter so you don’t miss any of these as they come out each week. Reading them again is always a pleasure for me, but I’d hate for you to miss them the first time!

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