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Top 3 Beauty Articles of the Week: June 28

Every week I choose three articles that you may have missed and do an impressive job at showcasing the talent here on writers here at Beauty Aroono. Read on below and see just what you missed and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any more!

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This article talks about the positive motion that these role models take in their lives and in helping others, no matter what their situation, life role, or how they look and have become a positive, uplifting voice in the world. LaVanessa Kirkwood showcases how each of them brings about that positivity and gives more in-depth detail into their foray into the world of outreach, being a role model and just plain being exceptional in character. Click on the picture above to see how she goes into detail!

Do you love to smile? If you don’t, why not?! The smile is a beautiful way to perk up your day, even if you don’t feel all that great. Smiling is proven to boost your mood and show a positive outlook to those around you. Whether you’re in the dumps or having an outstanding day, smiling will make you feel better, and throwing a little laughter in there may not hurt either. Understandably, sometimes you may not feel like smiling because you’re sad or depressed, but attempting to smile even a little is proven to boost your mood to where you may feel better over time. Check out, by clicking the picture above, how Mary Kooiker explains it.

Did you know that tech and beauty are coming together for something outstanding? I’m sure that everyone knows that tech has been on the rise for years, if not over a decade, if not honestly, more than that. Technology is always groundbreaking and grows every day with new and exciting stuff. That shouldn’t be surprising that now it’s breaking into the beauty sector. Sarah Sabourin breaks down a few things into how it’s doing that, and some negative and positive ways that it can affect you. Click on the picture above to check it out!

Now that you’ve seen some articles you may have missed, be sure to check out more of the articles in our section and throughout our site. We have a multitude of creative and outstanding authors who can’t wait to share their talent with you. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you can get our excellent content every day to your inbox bright and early to have with that coffee!

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